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Information This is the Bitcoin-Uploads-node Crash Causes?

Title :  This is the Bitcoin-Uploads-node Crash Causes?
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User :  Nazahn
Date of publication :   2019-08-03
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Frames This is the Bitcoin-Uploads-node Crash Causes?

Description This is the Bitcoin-Uploads-node Crash Causes?

The Bitcoin upload of the nodes went down like a rock from yesterday, how a vulnerability was exploited. Now seems to have recovered, but the speed with which the node dropped is unprecedented.

The cause is the use of "says" in production seems to. This is a little technical, but we have called on them, a pseudo-anonymous Bitcoin-Uploads developer who preferred not to be named, a Declaration for a non-technical audience. He said, " BCC:"

“The statements are used to detect errors in the programming, that is, to check whether a condition that the programmer *thinks* it is valid in a certain point of the program is, in fact, true. If a statement is (due to the expected condition is not true the result in a short message), then in the rule and exit the program.

They are not designed to handling of the user or errors, run-time (e.g., input data are valid), and then debug in the rule with a disability after the close of a program. An assert(0) in C/C++ code of the program, if you get hit, you break the program with safety.

In bitcoind code (BU, as well as the most important), the statements, which is empowered, in the manufacture of structures for reasons that are perhaps a little too complex to you here.

What happened: BU-developer of the left-hand side an assert(0) in a code-path that could be achieved, on the basis of input data (Xthin Protocol), which is not well controlled. This left an open door for anyone who wanted to develop a trigger that assert(0), which would be a special message, the BU software, you can give your code a path."

In addition, for simplification, it is a method for the programmer, the the user download in the test-phase, but in General, this method is automatically deactivated as soon as the client starts to. In bitcoin, however, this is not the case. This method is still enabled. So, if the statements are not removed, each with a little skill, distance in a crash, nodes can.

BU the developer also says that “it is better not to leave, and were actively in production code, because they are NOT designed for the treatment of runtime errors to exceptions.

You can leave it ENABLED in production code is dangerous. It is define NDEBUG ("no debug"). Normally, you're going to "turn off," says the production version, but "reasons", the bitcoind database codes to do this."

Bitcoin-Uploads-developers are currently very busy, so we press to a statement of "reasons," but he said to leave the practice, he said allowed, should be carefully weighed, again. “This is clearly not good in programming. That makes such incidents possible.", she continued.

We have reached to leave that to Matt Corallo, a Bitcoin Core developer, and the other, the questions of whether a statement can be supplied, on the reasons for the practice, he says activated, but have not received a response in time for publication.

BU-developer said, " BCC:"

"[And] it must touch a detailed report of an accident..., for example, the review of the code, the vulnerability, the output of the safety-critical, corrections, and working with security researchers and other Bitcoin-client projects on the subject of the disclosure is responsible for this security.

As a developer are sure that you will not because of errors in the Bitcoin code, and not only that, BU code. Therefore, this problem is larger than the BU."

It is still not exactly known, he discovered the error, but a correction was built in time in BU yesterday around lunch, now in London. A little later, Peter Todd, a Bitcoin Core developer, tweeted a link to the bug fix before new clients are released. The attack followed shortly after. Peter Tschipper, a Bitcoin-Uploads developer, said yesterday:

“The correction of the error has been melted...and literally within 30 minutes the attack took place. I just state monitoring our Git...in fact, I spoke with [Andrea Suisani] at the moment, maybe we should be more careful about using Git for this kind of things... and then, a few minutes after the attack happened."

A few hours before the attack, the NCC published an article about the Bitcoin-Core advocates of a threat to exploit zero-day attacks.

Around 200 Bitcoin upload of node resists the attack. Haipo Yang, founder of viaBTC, a pool of data-mining-Bitcoin-upload, said BCC are affected by the events of yesterday, but the pool of the node/s to use the function auto-restart, "so that the effect was large."

But the hash rate seems to be unchanged, in the amount of 33% of the network action.

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