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Information La CFTC's Quintenz: 'Blockchain Bitcoin trasformare e'

Title :  La CFTC's Quintenz: 'Blockchain Bitcoin trasformare e'
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Date of publication :   2019-08-30
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Frames La CFTC's Quintenz: 'Blockchain Bitcoin trasformare e'

Description La CFTC's Quintenz: 'Blockchain Bitcoin trasformare e'

The CFTC I don't want to interfere with bitcoin or the blockchain. In fact, Brian Quintenz, Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), she sees a future, not only with bitcoin and the blockchain, but you do not have a strong effect, namely, that the regulator can hinder the intention of innovation.

Folded about the meaning of CFTC Chairman and Christopher Giancarlo, Quintenz for Finance Finance Each market is Higher for the Crypto in New York in February. 7 says that, if the legislature to decide how the tread trading and markets, CFTC, in the meantime, do not say no to innovation, technology, emphasized the "really exciting space," he is pleased that the CFTC has the opportunity to be a part of it to be.

"I think that the blockchain is bitcoin and in editing. Do you remember, when this is done, and in all the following results, to create the concept, down the street," said Quintenz, added: "it goes on everything, what we have influence."

Bitcoin and blockchain, he suggests, has profound implications for the financial markets on the activities of the Institute, trade, distribution, etc. Quintenz applause President Giancarlo since Tuesday to the U.S. Congress, panel, platform, about his vision.

"He took the first opportunity that he, as President of the Agency for ... provide fintech skills in-house, so that a method of communication with the fintech community and innovators. Our approach to this topic is ... we want to sound, and we want to be open to new ideas."

The discussion has been expanded, the supply of bitcoin futures contracts, margins, volatility and regulation in the response to an unusual aberration on the edge all the tests that the CFTC is busy with the cryptocurrency market and the market forces that surround him.


But for bitcoin and the blockchain maturity, especially given the limited resources and mixed feelings on it to the Congress, a form of auto-regulation is required. It is a course that has been taken from them, in the traditional markets, with groups such as the FINRA. These groups could help the legislature for the speed and also the pressure on the account of grass cryptocurrency industry on Capitol Hill.

"Between now and when Congress decides to act as ... between trade and the spot market, the regulation, I would like to invite you in this opportunity to create the investment community and advocacy in the community around digital currencies, the behavior of a certain kind of auto-regulation of the [organization], for the development of standards in the whole cyber-policy, the insider trading, ethics, rules," he said, adding that self-regulation has a strong history in our markets.

The Future

Quintenz the sponsor of a TCRC-tech-Committee meets for the first time next week. The people are distributed, accounting, technology, and bitcoin, the digital currency, and much more. The problems that the Agency is interested in feedback.

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