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Information Australia, the tax office delays decision on Bitcoin | Cointelegraph

Title :  Australia, the tax office delays decision on Bitcoin | Cointelegraph
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Date of publication :   2019-08-10
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Frames Australia, the tax office delays decision on Bitcoin | Cointelegraph

Description Australia, the tax office delays decision on Bitcoin | Cointelegraph

In the month of april, the Cointelegraph reported on Australia’s on the tax office (ATO) is preparing for a meeting with the boss of the figures, the Bitcoin, the industry, the accounting and tax experts, which was scheduled for decision on digital currencies in the country for the 30.

With the application deadline, the reports the ATO, delayed the decision, the long-awaited, that, until further notice, essentially leaving the fate of the country & rsquo;s flourishing economy, the Bitcoin, and for the artist, in the balance.”

Many had the hope that some of the taxes were to be published guideline with the decision before the end of this year. Apparently the ATO is currently in search of Australia, Attorney-General Justin Gleeson in search of help while he's trying, you face the question of whether digital currencies are money or property.  

ATO spokesman said that the Department has received, and for the artists;many” comments from the public on how digital currencies in terms of regulation and taxes. "To ensure that our tips, the community is full and robust, we have tried to follow the advice from external consultants," the spokesman said. "We also have representatives of organizations in the industry, we can offer you more information." After the spokespman, the ATO office delayed your decision, make sure that the decision is in accordance with Australian law.  

The Bitcoin Association of Australia has responded to say that I was disappointed by the withdrawal, but it supports the participation of General Justin Gleeson in the trap, and he realized that soon would be meeting such an important decision to be wise.

The President of the Association of Jason Williams said:

"As digital currencies such as Bitcoin are now an integral part of our financial situation, it is important that Australians support the regulatory authorities and the legislator for the promotion and growth.

"The ATO in the position to deliver one of the first, the previously in the Australian laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the countryside and is an actor reference.

"As such, it is important not to make hasty decisions."

- Jason Williams, President of the Association of the Bitcoin Australia

Australia is regarded as one of the most Bitcoin-friendly Nations in the world has its own share of ATMs for Bitcoin, traders, stock exchanges and venture capital funds. Therefore, the delay or the ambivalence of the government in the guidelines mainly on the country’s a thriving economy to a controller from the grey zone. Given the uncertainty, the retailer can accept payments in BTC transactions without a clear definition of what can be exposed to the taxes, now or in the future. Also the public Prosecutor of the year, many of them could wait for, with large bills, the result of taxes. 

It is interesting to note that the freedom of information (foi), showed the documents that the ATO take Bitcoin seriously, and keep an eye on cryptocurrency news and developments, both at home and abroad, because she was concerned that the people can use Bitcoin and other digital currencies, to tax evasion.

Now we hope that with the help of the country & rsquo;s second officer of the law, the General Justin Gleeson, Australia in the guidelines on Bitcoin in accordance with the national legislation in the near future, and of course the smoke, so that the Bitcoin can develop space in the country.

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