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Information The "Hodler last instance of" Savior of Bitcoin

Title :  The "Hodler last instance of" Savior of Bitcoin
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Date of publication :   2019-08-29
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Frames The "Hodler last instance of" Savior of Bitcoin

Description The "Hodler last instance of" Savior of Bitcoin

We have all heard, without coiner regard to the argument that "Bitcoin is a purely virtual, for the price of the risk of accidents, for nothing." But why are they bad? Who are the heroes, the containment of loss in a bear market of the cycle? Those, my friend, is Bitcoin buyer of Last resort.

What's Up With It...

The rise of bitcoin is based on the increase in the adoption of, to occur, to discover more and more people, and then the desire, then buy bitcoin. If only this discovery was purely organic, on the basis of the mouth-to-mouth, and leads to a gradual accumulation of new users over time. The result of the evaluation of the prices for bitcoin would be stable and sustainable.

Unfortunately, the adoption happens in waves. A couple of positive articles in the media, what is assumed to be a wave of new investors who are ready, the willingness of the parties, at any price. Pulse to the dealers, the entertainment, to speculate, to the advantage of the sudden influx of income and rate.


However, the acceptance, and the impulse that leads in the last instance. No one wants to fall celebration of the pump to get caught when the music stops, and the price begins to. Pulse distributor switch short-circuit. Uncle Bobby was sure it was a Scam, but don't want to lose, only in the case that the panic sells.

No one will buy, so that the Bitcoin price continues to fall, leading to panic and the desperation of the seller. With a price in the free case, this negative feedback cycle has to stop. Something is a "buyer of Last resort".


In fact, we do not thank the "buyer of Last resort", but also "Hodler last instance". These two terms come from the "lender of Last resort". These are described in the rule, can the Central banks, the liquidity of financial institutions, when you borrow able to, in the other.

HOLR is a misuse of the language seems to be, if you consider what bitcoin itself, you need to as a unit. These "true believers" refuse to bend under the pressure of falling prices, the ICS-black painting, and the sale of panic. You left and you have to wait until the cycle reversed again, and you can advertise in social networks. I mean, this is the form in which the concept of the night came thanks to a drunk in the post Bitcointalk.org 2015.

No doubt, Bitcoin is HOLRs, so that it is less prone to the wild fluctuations in price in comparison with the low liquidity of altcoins.

BOLR, the eyes, the seller of panic by providing liquidity to the market. The employer's employees to pay in bitcoin, the investor regularly, and Hodler, which may be financial happiness of receiving the case. To buy these groups, regardless of the price. A subset of BOLR "the provider of Last resort", there was use of the offered benefit if the price is low enough.

Together, enough, BOLR the brake in a panic, the market confidence again. and the prices start to rise again. Therefore, we should all be grateful for you...and maybe you come from?

Remember, the buyer of Last resort " always buy the dip.

Are you a buyer of last resort? Share your thoughts!

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Fuente: https://bitcoinist.com/hodlers-last-resort-saviors-bitcoin/

Comments The "Hodler last instance of" Savior of Bitcoin

Donny Jones
это для PSP????
Comment from : Donny Jones

@Machinetti "Peder"? Are you stupid?
Comment from : MrSmthWrong

Why not rename your title into Russian as well?
Comment from : o0YumRamen0o

English MFer, do you speak it!?
Comment from : DargorV

Классный обзор: кратко и по существу! :)
Comment from : KravtKV

Vasiliy Fedorov
Найс обзор, Бейс. Затащил. =)
Comment from : Vasiliy Fedorov

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