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Information Storj Crowdsale Ends, users to be Rewarded | Cointelegraph

Title :  Storj Crowdsale Ends, users to be Rewarded | Cointelegraph
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Date of publication :   2019-09-09
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Frames Storj Crowdsale Ends, users to be Rewarded | Cointelegraph

Description Storj Crowdsale Ends, users to be Rewarded | Cointelegraph

The initial Storj crowdsale has come to an end, and the Storj team is pleased with the results, by the procurement of at least 910 BTC. Although in work, which is part of the development, the fundraising for their decentralized cloud storage platform exceeded expectations.

Storj, for the wrong holds, it is designed so that users to store files on its peer-to-peer network. The use of meta-disk can upload access to the network for the distributed storage through its participating nodes; users pay for this service in Storjcoin X-known as SJCX, the network’s native currency-or allow to save the network, a same amount of data on your own computer. This undermines the traditional corporate services to cloud storage by an order of magnitude.

The Storj team promises the money to bring its crowd sale for a good purpose. A part is used to work the refund of the people, before the costs are paid out of his pocket, and pay the wages of full-time-as a taxpayer, as well as independently. The rest will be.more storage space in the cloud for the research, the development of decentralized technology, marketing and public relations activities, initiatives and projects, and the legal adviser

In addition to the help in the promotion of the decentralisation of the Internet and win Storjcoin X, crowdsale participants will receive early access to the drive share.

The drive share is another cloud storage application, but its purpose is slightly different from Metadisk: primarily for those who only want to do, SJCX and have a lot of storage to spare space on the hard disk, users can rent by the network. As soon as the beta is ready for life, the taxpayers have contributed access to the order in which, up to’s to the public version.

The transparency is very important to Storj, and the full list of your team-members on request. You want to make sure that all resources are correctly assigned, so that you can keep track of all bitcoins rose from the crowd sale in the direction of 132aBrspLgL54cm9eQfGNFLGqXwBRQrugc, as well as the remains of Storjcoin X at19KvumZgcs2owq9tF2obyg1SBmXDVdznnw. The majority of these funds will be used to provide the user a reward, they bring resources to the network.

Most SJCX has not yet been created, but the developers plan to use a timer-transaction, to ensure that they do not arbitrarily in the past. 75 million people, and the organization of the municipality, such as the elections is dedicated to. A further 75 million, the developers of the platform to keep a full time job or those looking for work, the development of premiums. The rest goes to bonuses for the promotion of the development of new applications of the Storj platform, and future crowd sales, if it is necessary.

In the future, the Storj team expect to make centralized services like DropBox a thing of the past, and it is happy for the future.

For more news and updates, as they come, you can go on to the Storj newsletter via their website, or register for your forum it’s a active community to help you. Send your questions or comments hello@storj.io

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Donny Jones
это для PSP????
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Найс обзор, Бейс. Затащил. =)
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