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Information Lamassu, is launching a New line of Cryptocurrency ATMs

Title :  Lamassu, is launching a New line of Cryptocurrency ATMs
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Date of publication :   2019-08-29
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Frames Lamassu, is launching a New line of Cryptocurrency ATMs

Description Lamassu, is launching a New line of Cryptocurrency ATMs

Lamassu, a Portuguese Bitcoin ATM maker, unveiled three new machines, with his “ next generation” of cryptocurrency ATMs.

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Lamassu Launches A New Cryptocurrency ATMs

Lamassu has since the introduction of its new ‘Sintra’ field of cryptocurrency ATMs – Sintra, Sintra, and the valley of the Douro, II.

All the machines in the offer, with the support of the BTC, BCH -, CTA -, ETH -, dashboard -, and ZEC, and thus the ATM operator the ability to enable crypto currencies by the machines’ back-end. Also, operators are in the location, the cost, the commissions, and the obligation to comply with the back-end.

Lamassu operators are Required to receive payments, and the Server

Sintra, cascais, Sintra and Strong are both two lanes of the machine, while the Douro II only facilitates the purchase of cryptocurrency. Sintra is Strong comes with an inner arc, since approximately 20% larger than the Sintra. The operators of Lamassu crypto ATMs are required to have space for your server and portfolios, as it Lamassu server. Lamassu’software is open source.

Lamassu before, that cryptocurrency ATMs in a conference in San Jose in 2013 – the company, founded by two brothers, he owned a shop with guitars, Zach & Josh Harvey. Immediately thereafter, the company began production in a small facility, the first expansion to deploy about 400 machines in the world, and between 20 and 30 per day until mid-2017. As of this writing, Coinatmradar of the opinion that Lamassu cryptocurrency ATM account to 11.17% in the number of machines installed in the world, with 427 units active.is

The company has always tried to keep that separation between the operators and the users of its ATMs, with the brothers Harvey, previously with the words: &for the artists, so it is important for us, separate from the operator, as much as possible. Basically there is no info about the machines, to the field that is available to us, is the info, the traders are willing to tell us [&welcome to join;], we can choose to have a decentralized system. We don't go on all the servers that are responsible for the sending of money or the data of the user. So we don't have the money, because you do not have access to him.”

Do you believe that the growth of the cryptocurrency ATM industry is an effective indicator for the growth of crypto adoption? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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