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Information South Korea More Cryptocurrency change in leadership ICO in Switzerland

Title :  South Korea More Cryptocurrency change in leadership ICO in Switzerland
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Date of publication :   2019-08-22
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Frames South Korea More Cryptocurrency change in leadership ICO in Switzerland

Description South Korea More Cryptocurrency change in leadership ICO in Switzerland

Earlier this week, the media Notizie1 reported that Bithumb, South Korea, and more cryptocurrency exchange, is the implementation of a first amount of money (ICO), the end of this year for launching its own cryptocurrency Bithumb coin.

Bithumb Kamera

Some of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms rating billions of dollars, how to Binance, Kucoin, and Huobi their houses have already been booked, the token, which can be used to trade with cryptocurrencies and pay taxes. On Binance, for example, can be collected from the users will benefit from lower costs of trading with Binance coin, and the company benefits from the Fund, to be covered by the ICO, which will be used to cost-management.

In an interview with Notizie1, Bithumb showed that Bithumb is published in two parts, or to the rule, but the company has not revealed all the details of the structure or the purpose of his character. More importantly, Bithumb Notizie1 not try it with an audience. ICO, but a sign of sales made exclusively to institutional investors and large investment firms said.

Similar to most large-scale UCI, such as the telegram, individual investors will not be allowed to participate in the token, you sell, if you are part of a large group of other investors, individuals or partnerships with institutional investors for the purchase of Bithumb coin.

The beginning of this year, cocoa miyagi, the largest internet conglomerate in South Korea, operates KakaoTalk, KakaoPay, the cocoa stock, cocoa, taxi, and cocoa-story, five applications, the more than 90 percent of a dominant position in their respective industries, including e-mail, securities brokerage, ride, ride, come, and social media, has announced that he will likely lead his ICO outside of South Korea because of the government ban in the Oga.

Cocoa miyagi suggested that perhaps a move is finally controlled his blockchain venture for Switzerland as an independent company for cocoa miyagi and easy to manage as a company. Cocoa miyagi are committed to the potential of ICO and the blockchain venture, will be worth billions of dollars and the transfer of cocoa miyagi the blockchain business regions such as Switzerland, could have a negative impact on South Korea's local blockchain the area.

In recognition of the importance of cocoa miyagi, of ICO, and the value of the blockchain venture between the South Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) has shown,--almost immediately after the rumors of a possible ICO cocoa miyagi, were brought to the attention of-that can legalize within the UCI, in the near future, if the financial policy is in place.

"The financial authorities in a conversation with the revenue Agency, the Ministry of justice and other departments of the U.S. government a plan to the UCI, in Korea, if certain conditions are met," a source told the Korea Times.

Another source added that the government has legalized, especially the tax aspect of the token that you sell and as soon as it is fixed, within a ICOs is. "The different scenarios, such as the taxation of the VAT, tax on capital gains, or both, the trade and the collection of the tax on the income of the local companies in cryptocurrency trading, as well as the opening up of trade entitled to the license in the course of the discussion," said the source.

Public Operation For

Bithumb is a joint-stock company, which manages BTCKorea and is necessary for the publication of all income, property, and the balance of the two Bithumb and its subsidiaries. Implementation of an ICO can be more difficult for Bithumb as a result, and the company will reveal more information about the ICO, to play until it is ready token, you sell.

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